Her New Human Vocabulary

Honesty- is not the ability to blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind. Honesty takes self-reflection. Ask yourself why you believe what you believe, what is your influence, if you don’t like the way that shirt looks on your partner, is it because that color reminds you of frogs and you don’t like frogs, then thats not about you not the shirt. If you think the shirt does not bring out the best features in your partner, does not add light to his existence, then maybe you really don’t like it.  If you like it bc all the cool young trendsetters are wearing stuff like that, maybe you really dont like it, maybe there is something else you are after.  Honesty is self-reflecting on why you think what you do. You can say something mean and flatter yourself with being honest, but really we just think you are a dick.

Opinions- Arbitrary positions based on limited experience. The longer you can hold off from forming an opinion the more open you are to knowledge as a whole. the moment you begin to form an opinion, is the moment you begin to view all the worlds material through a lens that seeks to prove, disprove or challenge your chosen opinion. You may be missing the entire point.

Patience- is not waiting while quiet. patience is the balance between doing everything in your control, and allowing the space of the unknown to unfold the rest.

Forgiveness- I still do not know how to do that. How can you truly forgive if you don’t forget, is that real?  (work in progress for me)

Power- I am often told how powerless I am in eyes of God, to submit to God bc ultimately I have no power, that never sat right with me. not because i didn’t believe in the unknown or a higher power, but because I knew that while we are powerless, we also have not scratched the surface of how powerful we actually are. when we dissolve our fear. we achieve greatness. we are able to feel the awe of our being and it is the awe of the higher power. It is the inspiration of being more than ourselves in this moment that allows us to feel more connected to the power of God.

Confidence-the balance of knowing how powerful you are and how powerful you are not. Being connected to a higher power, accepting loss and the unknown.

Fear- Fear of the unknown, fear of the perceived known. All of our fear boils down to fear of change, fear of the loneliness, fear that we know. fear of going back, going forward and loss. Fear is the single thing that lies between self-control and greatness.

Self-control- the only version of control that is real. The practice of understanding what you have and what you don’t, the liberty of being able to let go of everything else.  your patience, forgiveness, your challenges, your mortality your desire, your body, your mind and emotions, these are all part of the self, and understanding the self is an exploration that lasts a lifetime. in this impermanent life, where most things are unknown, and ever changing, our only possibility is in self-control. everything is a false.

Strength- the ability to exercise self-control and endure.

Endure- an ability gained through practice to push through the pain of the moment, to let reality wash over you, without letting it become you.

Truth- is silent. The truth is in all the things we dont need to say out loud. It doesn’t change. those that speak the truth are all saying the same things. when we hear the truth it rings.

Rudeness- imitation strength. shouldn’t be tolerated. unchecked rudeness allows for pain to exist in someones heart. and if continued to go unchecked then these people can turn into mass suffering i.e. Saddam Hussein.

Vulnerability- the joy of living with your open heart, letting the world touch you. the fastest way to maturity. the only way to connect with people and build relationships that work. the quickest road to joy. meet vulnerability with vulnerability.

Abundance- It is not something we acquire, it is something we are tapped into. the lack of abundance in our lives leaves us greedy, stingy, secretive and disconnected.

Women- are people but not men. most functioning women speak fluent men. they are a population that endures silent degradation every single day.


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